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Monthly Membership $120 every month • Unlimited visits •

Looking for full, unlimited access to our shop with the flexibility of a monthly billing cycle? Then look no further because this is the membership option for you! The convenience of our recurring monthly membership means that you don't have to worry about remembering to pay your bill every month or worry about loosing your access to our shop. Sign up today and get started on your next project!

Plus Membership $255 every month • Unlimited visits •

Our Plus Membership is perfect for the individual looking to not only get access to our full woodshop, 3D printers, electronics workbench, and computer lab, but also to have your own tools, workbench, storage and equipment on site as well! These 64 sqft semi private work spaces include your own electrical outlets (4 plugs with 16 amps total), wireless internet, AC/Heat and three 8' high walls.
These spaces are built with the maker in mind and are perfect to run your business out of or just to get all those tools out of your garage. Sign up for a plus membership today and get started on that next big project!

6 Month Membership $600 every 6 months • Unlimited visits •

Get 6 months of access for the price of 5 months! Saving money is always a plus and with a full 6 months of membership already paid for think of all the making you could get done! This membership gives you not only full access to all the equipment, but also storage space and 20% off all classes.

1 Year Membership $1,080 every year • Unlimited visits •

Get 3 months FREE when you pay for your entire years membership up front! This prepaid 1 year membership gives you full access to all of our equipment, storage, and 20% off all classes. It's the most making you can get for your money!