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Day Pass

We realize everyone isn't able to take the time to be in the makerspace everyday all day. (As much as all of our members wish that were the case) With the Day Pass option, though, you have the ability to come and go as you want. Come in the morning and knock out your project before we close that night! Once you have taken our three training classes and are a member of Maven Makers, you are able to come in and pay for a Day Pass which is only valid the day you pay within our hours of operation. This pass is not based on a literal 24 hour day, but it is only valid for the day you pay for the pass.

It's like going to your favorite theme park. Whether you go in the morning or play hookie midway through your workday make the rest of the day a sick day, it is the same rate, right? Well this is the equivalent within our makerspace... Just try not to show your boss all your awesome projects you made while you were supposed to be lying in bed with a heaving cough!

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  • Unused visits expire after 3 months

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